The first thing you can expect when you take that first step through the door is to be greeted with a smile by the instructor and the other students, we recognise that most people are nervous at their first lesson so you’ll be made most welcome. The atmosphere is always great

Then the class starts with a warm up, you’ll be training in bare feet and comfortable clothing, depending on the length and content of the class this is normally 10-15 minutes.

Then you’ll be taught basic punches, defensive strategies, kicks etc either by the main instructor or one of their assistants. If there’s sparring in the class you would normally watch the other students perform as they will be wearing specific sparring kit. You may even do very light sparring ‘Hands only’ don’t worry you’ll be perfectly safe.

Normally the class will contain fitness and stretching drills which you will be expected to do, things like Push ups, sit ups, Burpees etc, we always train with kickshields and hand pads.

Before you know it, the class will be over as the cool down finishes the sessions, leaving you wanting more.

At this point the Instructor will let you know how you can join up, as your first class is always free.

We look forward to meeting you.

Kickboxing is a practical way of learning how to defend yourself, it combines the kicks from martial arts such as Muay thai, and Taekwondo and mixes them with the devastating punches and footwork of western boxing. Our classes are aimed at the student who wants to increase their fitness and stamina, without performing the rituals that come with some more traditional martial arts. The classes are a superb way to improve your cardio as well as your overall body conditioning

Yes, you can either come on your own or with someone else, which ever way the choice is yours. all our clubs are friendly and inviting and the classes are designed so that you will quickly settle in. There are various levels of fitness in the classes, so don’t worry if you’re not as fit as some of the other students, you will progress at your own pace. And with the help of the instructors and the other students, who, remember were all beginners at one stage, soon you’ll be on the track to success.

For the first couple of classes just wear comfortable sports clothing, tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt are the normal attire for a beginner. When you are ready you can purchase your own uniform from your Instructor. We train in bare feet, however if you have a medical reason then training shoes are acceptable.

Yes, you will need a pair of hand wraps and also a pair of boxing gloves, which are available from your Instructor, it takes a while to learn how to wrap your hands but once you’ve learned the skill they protect your wrists, while the knuckles are protected with with padded boxing gloves. For your first class you can normally borrow your partners boxing gloves until you purchase your own. 

No, however you will be surprised how your fitness levels will drastically improve with the type of training you are going to receive. We have several schools in the area, so you can train 5 nights a week if you wish.

Yes, you can we hold regular Kickboxing tournaments, mainly semi-contact bouts. However, if you wish to experience the adrenaline rush of competing in front of packed venues in the ring, then we can provide you with the opportunity of doing so. Several of our fighters have emerged through the ranks to appear in their first full contact fight.