The following guidelines MUST be adhered to if you wish to be considered for the following grades:

For Black Stripes

  • To attend minimum regular training, plus extra classes with different Instructors in your area.
  • Should concentrate and focus on their training and practise at home.
  • Need to have a positive helpful attitude, assisting in the class to aid personal development.
  • Learn that whatever day you’ve had, you’re always upbeat and positive in class.
  • Should have good technical knowledge, good etiquette and an above average fitness level.
  • 100% effort is a must at this level.
Friendly students
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For 1st Degrees

  • Regular training must be maintained at all times.
  • Becoming a 1st Degree does not give you the right to ‘Lord it up’ over fellow students. In fact humility is key.
  • Understand that everybody is different, and should always treat people with respect and courtesy.
  • Re- inforcing the 100% effort required at each session as you are now considered as a role model.
  • Need to have a greater understanding of all techniques learnt.
  • Improving your knowledge and gaining experience by attending seminars.
  • Various courses, i.e. assistant instructors, first aid and umpires should be considered. Help at gradings and demonstrations is actively encouraged.

For 2nd Degrees

  • Necessary attendance at tournaments to assist.
  • Improved technique and understanding.
  • Must have a presence at activities such as gradings and demonstrations.
  • More knowledge of philosophy and history.
  • Continue with qualifications i.e. Instructors and referees courses.
  • More responsibility in the class.
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For 3rd Degrees

  • Being involved in teaching and having a willing attitude to teach and pass on knowledge.
  • Expected to support and attend Integrity events, never think of it as a chore.

For 4th Degrees

  • To help at camps.
  • Visible support for Integrity.
  • Be an ambassador for Integrity rather than just at club level.
  • Have emotional maturity.
  • Not to be selfish in your own training, in other words improving other students ability is just as important as your own.
  • Have a spirit of giving and understanding to others.
  • Should be known by their presence.
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For 5th Degrees and Above

  • Living and breathing Taekwondo/Kickboxing and it’s philosophies.
  • To be approachable.
  • To be a source of inspiration.
  • To continue learning and passing knowledge to others.
These are guidelines to help you grow in Taekwondo/Kickboxing. Without these guidelines Martial arts and indeed Integrity will not be able to grow and be passed on through the future generations.

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