Our story

Integrity Martial Arts was founded in 2008 by Master Malcolm Jones VIII Degree, who has almost 50 years of martial arts training behind him (yes, he’s getting on a bit nowtongue-out). We run martial arts schools all over Dorset. We would love you to come and join ussmile.

How are we different?

unlike many highly trained Martial Arts Instructors Master Jones is very approachable, friendly and supportive to everyone whether you’re an amazing ahletic individual, or someone with absolutely zero co ordination.

everyone is treated equally, so come and book a free sessionsmile


We specialise in teaching:
  • Taekwondo
  • Kickboxing
  • Self-Protection
  • Individual 1-2-1 Sessions in our purpose-built gym in Bournemouth


    Our aim is to provide the best quality martial arts training for anyone regardless of age or ability, we have some students that simply want to stay fit and healthy, and maybe lose some weight. We also have students who want to compete, indeed in our history we have cultivated no less than six World Champions. We offer two free sessions to see whether you like us, pretty sure you will, you can train at any of our venues throughout Dorset.  


    • To provide a professional, honest and fair service to all of our students, catering for everyone’s needs
    • To provide Martial art’s training to suit both adults and children
    • To never misuse the privilege of running a martial arts organisation and respect the responsibility we take on

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    • Encouraging our instructors and students at all times
    • Endeavouring to make our instructors and students proud of Integrity
    • Ensuring that a clear policy on treating people fairly (to include adults as well as children) is in place and acting promptly where cases of bullying or harassment are proven
    • Providing a range of appropriate training for instructors to include, technical, first aid and teacher training
    • Aiming to provide the best possible service we can, in terms of cost effective for all merchandise, lessons and events
    • Constantly reviewing our procedures and asking for feedback, perhaps more importantly, listening and respecting all views
    • Following recommended guidelines in undertaking DBS checks, ensuring a robust child protection policy is in place and any necessary action taken in a timely and professional manner
    • Asking all our instructors to sign up to our pledge
    • Providing a copy of our pledge to all students

    Integrity Martial Arts Dorset Instructors

    Master Malcolm Jones

    8th Degree black belt instructor

    Taekwondo Instructor for Broadmayne and Bournemouth. Kickboxing Instructor for Broadstone kids, Bournemouth, Broadmayne and Poole kids.

    07949 567156


    Tori Farran & Sam Nourse

    5th Degree (Tori) and 1st Degree (Sam) black belt kickboxing instructors for Corfe Mullen.

    07827 013242 (Sam)

    07734 762206 (Tori)


    Master Richard Winton

    7th Degree black belt instructor

    Taekwondo Instructor for Blandford and Wimborne.

    07950 218979


    Dave Shepherd

    4th Degree black belt instructor

    Kickboxing Instructor for Bridport

    07805 334559