What is breaking?

Breaking or ‘Power testing’ as it’s sometimes known is a way for a Taekwon-Do student to test the accuracy and power of their techniques. Most adult grading above the level of blue belt will contain breaking techniques. By breaking wood or patented breaker boards the examiner can measure the students accuracy, focus and commitment. 

The purpose of breaking is to teach the student the importance of using the correct attacking tool ( part of foot, hand or elbow.) The student must remember that success at this part of Taekwon-Do training does not mean instant success in the field of combat.

What about grading’s/tournaments?

Yes, we do breaking for adult blue belt and above, the techniques vary from simple elbow strikes to more complex jumping and spinning techniques.

Doesn’t it hurt?

Breaking requires mental training as well as physical training, with that in mind in order to break a board or brick you need to focus your mind on the job in hand, if this thought process and focus doesn’t take place then you will almost certainly injure yourself. You would be surprised just how much force can be generated with a well focused blow.