4th Degree Combinations

1. Double jab, duck, left hook, right spinning heel kick, left spinning heel kick, bob to left, left shovel, right jumping turning kick to front.
2. Pivot to the left, jab, cross, pivot back to original position, double right body hook, pivot on the right foot, left repeated turning kick.
3. High stepping hooking kick/turning kick/side kick (All consecutive of the front leg) Left leg jumping side kick (moving backwards) jumping right spinning heel kick, jumping right roundhouse kick.
4. Left low parry, power cross, downwards elbow block, right roundhouse elbow, lead leg jumping hooking kick.
5. Duck, body jab, left shovel, bob to the right, right body cross, right jumping back kick, land step forward overarm cross.
6. Slide backwards and to the right, jumping cross, left axe kick, right downwards elbow strike, right turning kick, left spinning heel kick, pivot to the left, jumping cross.
7. Jab, cross, left hook, right uppercut, left roundhouse elbow, right uppercut elbow, left shovel, left body hook, back fist, downward angle elbow, step spinning back fist, jumping cross.
8. All from the front leg – front snap kick, axe kick, turning kick, hooking kick, jumping side kick, jumping hooking kick, jumping axe kick.

4th Degree Pad drills
1. Body deflections, back fist, right hook, bob & weave, right turning kick, jumping spinning heel kick. Small pads.
2. 1,2,1,2, right jumping turning kick, left jumping turning kick, bob, left double shovel, bob, left double body hook, step left jumping spinning hook kick. Small pads.
3. Left low parry, right cross, left high parry, overarm cross, left forearm block, right hook, left elbow cover, right downward angle elbow, left palm downward parry, right uppercut. Small pads.
4. Jab, cross, pivot to left with pad holder swinging, right turning kick, left jumping hooking kick, partner then attacks with four random attacks, right jumping spinning heel kick. Small pads.
5. Inward crescent kick, left jumping back kick, jumping side kick, jumping knee, moving backwards right jumping spinning heel kick. Kickshield.
6. Right repeated turning kick, left jumping back kick, moving backwards opposite jumping back kick, pivot to left, jumping roundhouse kick. Kickshield.
7. Stepping side kick, front leg side kick whilst moving back, right turning kick mid then high, right cyclone kick. Kickshield.
8. 3 step up axe kicks in a row gaining height each time, dodging right turning kick one way**dodging left turning kick the other way, pad holder pivots on both dodges. Kickshield.