Wow, what an amazing grading weekend. We had three days of either Black belt and Coloured belt, or Taekwon-Do, Black belt and Coloured belt Kickboxing.

These were all at the Budmouth academy in Weymouth, the weekend kicked off with the Black belt Taekwon-Do grading on Friday June 10th. This was a very special evening as one, of the candidates Richard Winton was promoted to a 7th Degree ITF Taekwon-Do Master. Master Winton has been training since 1985 and thoroughly deserved his promotion, we also had a great performance by Tinaye Majome. Tinaye started when he was 7, now at the age of 14 he’s been promoted to 2nd Degree. On the same evening some students joined us from Plymouth and were also promoted. Well done to All.

The following day saw the coloured belts take to the grading floor, some noteable performances, especially from some of the younger students, who really stepped up. Congratulations to all that graded.

Finally, on the Sunday it was the Black Belt Kickboxing grading.

Wow, it was supposed to last 60-80minutes. It lasted nearly 3 hours. Some incredible performances were witnessed. 2 students graded to 2nd Degree, and 6 to 1st Degree.

Super proud of everyone.

We look forward to the next set of gradings held in Poole in September.

Malcolm Jones