We held the first grading of the year at the Talbot view community centre in Poole on Sunday March 6th. Over 60 students took part throughout the day. The event kicked off with Taekwon-Do with the students being graded by Richard Winton 6th Degree.

The students displayed skill, knowledge and great tenacity and were all successful including a mother and daughter achieving ‘Red belt’, a family of three and three brothers.

This was quickly followed by the first of the kickboxing grading’s conducted by Tori Farran 5th Degree, in the first one we had lot’s of younger members 6-8 years taking their first grading. They were amazing, combating the nerves they experienced during the ‘Build up’

The last group was immense, these senior grades showed exactly what sprit, fitness and character is needed to achieve ‘Integrity high grades’

The day started at 9.15am and finished shortly after 5pm, we’d like to thank everyone who helped and congratulate everyone who passed.

Malcolm Jones