Master Malcolm Jones is a fantastic Instructor and practitioner of the art. His school Integrity martial arts is accurately named as Master Jones is the perfect example of someone who upholds the tenets of Taekwon-Do. I have had many experiences and hold great memories from my times with Master Jones, these range from Seminars, Gradings, European Championships and World Championships.

I hold Master Jones with the highest regard and have been honoured to host him on multiple occasions at seminars. At present Master Jones had conducted 3 seminars for my school in Manchester. Feedback and praise from students is always of high degree, the seminars conducted are at the top of our schools list and we would never hesitate to invite Master Jones back to conduct more. My school is predominantly a university based one and with this we don't often get people grading for their black belts when compared to external schools. Recently my first student was ready to take his 1st Dan grading and the first person I thought of to ask to conduct this special grading for me was Master Jones. I am currently a 4th Dan black belt and could have conducted it myself but holding Master Jones in the highest regard I felt it would be an incredible experience for my student and both myself to have Master Jones be a part of it. His very high level and standards are respected by all and it is very important that Instructors like Master Jones exist to continue the spread of Taekwon-Do. He is a credit to the art and it's preservation.

I have witness the incredible knowledge and teaching ability Master Jones possesses. At the 3 seminars he has conducted for us everyone is fully engaged from start to finish. The amount of training and drills Master Jones has is phenomenal and his practical self defence and adrenal stress workshops are truly life saving skills. My students (over 100 across all 3 seminars) have all learnt so much not only within Taekwon-Do but within real life self defence. Master Jones ignites confidence in every single person he teaches, he treats them as human beings and his kind and approachable teaching methods are the reasons people come back every time. The reasons I started Taekwon-Do are personified by how Master Jones teaches, all the skills or things I needed help with, Master Jones gives and produces for all students he comes across. He is extremely reliable and organises brilliant events. I had the pleasure of attending the GM Hwang Kwang Sung Seminar and grading in which Master Jones was the host. The seminar was an incredible day and ran perfectly, Master Jones made sure the event went smoothly and was organised to the highest level. I know how stressful seminars and hosting can be and to host one of the biggest seminars the UK has witnessed is an incredible feat.

Master Jones is not only a fantastic Instructor but a fantastic person, he has been a incredible support to myself and our school in Manchester, always offering to help out and is always there when we need some advice or guidance. I have only known Master Jones for 2 and a half years and this shows what a fantastic person and character he is, it feels to me that he has been in my Taekwon-Do life for the past 18 years. When at International events Master Jones has always been an asset to our competitive team, offering advice and being there for them, he never asks for anything back and is always the first person to offer his assistance or to make sure we are all okay. His Integrity team when at competitions again reinforce their name, they conduct themselves with great integrity and courtesy and are a pleasure to be around, my school have enjoyed spending time with the Integrity students on multiple occasions at international events. They are also fantastic to watch and are prolific in achievements, we have seen how incredibly high their standards are and what level of teaching Master Jones gives week in week out.

Master Jones and the Integrity School are one of the true greats and have been an inspiration to me and my school. It is comforting to know that such exist and that even though we are hundreds of miles apart we are always united in Taekwon-Do.

Ross Sharman IV Dan
Sharman Martial Art Academy
Manchester Metropolitan University Taekwondo
British University Taekwondo League