On Sunday January 13th Sam Nourse and Billy Hitchcock travelled up to the Spartans Gym in Chippenham to gain valuable experience. The Spartans have a great reputation for putting on these well supported events, and this was no exception people travelled from all over England and Wales to fight.

Billy was up first against a more experienced boxer from Wales, and acquitted himself very well using the first round to feel his way in, then fire his kicks more in the second round, the other lad put Billy under lot's of pressure with his punches but Billy to his credit didn't shy away, the third and final round was again a contest between the Welsh Lad's stronger punches and Billy sharper kicks. All in all Billy will take away lot's from the experience.

Next was Sam Nourse who again was up against a Welsh lad, Sam was very nervous before the bout but with lot's of encouragement stepped up. As predicted Sam's worries weren't necessary the first round he moved well, led with both hands and legs and was very comfortable. Half way through the second round his opponent sustained a nose bleed which the medics attended too. Then the fight was on the remainder of the second round the Welsh lad came out 'All guns blazing' but Sam continued to use his longer reach. By the third the Welsh lad was desperate and Sam would have learnt some valuable lessons.

Well done to all who competed and supported.

Spartans will be running another one in April, so speak to Sam, Billy and Master Jones and get involved

Billy in white.


Sam in red.

Malcolm Jones