Black belt and coloured belt grading

Sunday May 27th saw over 60 black belt, and coloured belt students take to the grading floor in Poole, a 90% pass rate was achieved on the day.

Kickboxers and Taekwon-Do students from all over Dorset took part.

Unfortunately for all concerned meant we were all inside on such a glorious day, in fact the Kickboxing black belt grading was 'Brutal' not only for the content, but by this point the sun shining on the grading mats began to take it's toll on the highly prepared candidates.

In total 8 members during the day achieved credit passes, so well done to them.

A big thank you to all the Black belts who helped set up and pack away, some were there from 7.45am until gone 6.30pm 

Next grading will be on August 19th, train hard and you could be there

Malcolm Jones