Master Jones is available to visit your group/club to conduct seminars/gradings/self defence workshops. His knowledge and skill is second to none and as you can see with this testimonial you and your students will benefit hugely.

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A brief history from Master Jones

I started martial arts training at the age of 13 in 1974, first with Judo for 2 years, then Karate, with a little boxing mixed in. Then in 1980 I started Taekwon-Do, in those days training was brutal and quite different to what we have today. Once I found Taekwon-Do I devoted the next 20 years training twice a week, most of the time my classes were 2 hours away from my home.

I started to teach Taekwon-Do for my Instructor in 1983 then started my own classes in 1986, turning professional 10 years later. I competed a fair amount during this time, but it was my teaching ability that gained the highest accolades twice winning the prestigious ‘Instructor of the year’ awards. Adrenal stress self defence and kickboxing came in the early 00’s to add to my teaching knowledge and skillset, Since the mid 80’s I’ve coached World, European champions, and have travelled throughout Europe and the UK conducting seminars, workshops and gradings.

  • ITF Taekwon-Do International 7th Degree Instructor – Class A
  • Taekwon-Do International referee
  • TKD/Kickboxing Grading examiner
  • WKA Kickboxing 5th Degree Instructor
  • Adrenal stress qualified – Basics Instructor
  • Adrenal stress qualified – Ground fighting Instructor
  • Adrenal stress qualified – Multiple opponents Instructor
  • Adrenal stress qualified – Weapon Instructor
  • A.B.A. qualified boxing tutor
  • DBS and first aid qualifications
  • Founder of Integrity martial arts in 2008
  • Co- Founder of Self protection Ltd in 2014
  • Co- Founder of Elite Martial Arts Professionals in 2015

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