Saturday April 2nd saw the integrity crew travelling up to Calne in Wiltshire to watch Mick ‘Mad dog’ Donnelly have his first full contact kickboxing fight against the much younger and bigger Jordan Mossley.

The show was held at an excellent venue, and the Integrity crew got great ring seat views. The show featured 19 boxing bouts, some for area titles, the heart and skill of all the fighters include the two female boxers was a pleasure to witness. We were there to support Mick in what was the only kickboxing fight bout on the bill. Mick who gave away 18 years to his 22 year old opponent put on an amazing performance considering the difference in the heights of both fighters.

Mick got caught very early in round 1 which ‘rocked’ his confidence, despite this he never went down and despite losing the first two rounds, he bravely stood ‘toe to toe’ with his much rangier opponent, which with the big height and age disadvantage was nothing short of amazing.

Congratulations Sir, everyone at Integrity is proud of you.