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Wow, what an amazing experience our Integrity team had in Barnaveld, Holland. ITF Korea put on the first open ITF world championships

with close to 1,000 competitors, including huge teams from Australia,Canada, Holland and Russia. Our team consisted of Mike Bartlett,

Ryan Simpson, Billy Hitchcock and Heather Bryant. The team came away with four Golds, three silvers and three bronzes. What an

achievementfor such a small team, we're all very proud of you. 







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As part of the '999 badge' the TEAM TIGERS had trips to Sturminster Newton & Wimborne fire stations to talk about fire safety, and have a look around the stations. They were shown round the fire engines and

had great fun spraying water.

A fun time was had by all.........Even the parents!!

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Back in April, lot's of Integrity students and Instructors took part in a sponsored walk from Sturminster Newton to Blandford on the Dorset Trail to raise money for Cancer research and also to raise funds for the

Integrity squad members competing in the World open TKD champs later on this year in Holland. We managed to raise £1,121.98p. Huge well done and thank you to everyone who took part :0))

Also big shout out to Nordcat who kindly provided a mini bus for everyone to return to Sturminster Newton.





A small selection of photos from the celebration we had for Mr.Dobbs who after almost 20 years with us is retiring. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank for being so fantastic in all the years he spent with us. He is truly an inspiration to many Integrity members and will be greatly missed. We would however like to wish him well in his Taekwon-Do retirement...


Thank you Sir

Tae Kwon



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A small selection of photo's from the recent competition in sturminster Newton


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November 2014 black belt grading results



Marcus Jones 5th Degree

Sam Donohoo 4th Degree

Gary Osborn 3rd Degree

Andy Dobbs 3rd Degree

Sam Moore 3rd Degree

Mike Bartlett 2nd Degree

Daniel Gordge 2nd Degree

Chloe Roaf 1st Degree

Max Parker 1st Degree

Isaac Lewis 1st Degree

William Main 1st Degree

Stephen Workman 1st Degree

Cameron Fletcher 1st Degree


Hannah Jarvis 2nd Degree

Imogen Crump 2nd Degree

Will Darling 1st Degree

Clare Hohne 1st Degree

Carl Ashley 1st Degree

Integrity Inter Club/Fun day 


It started a bit dubious with the weather, as the children were so looking forward to the bouncy castle. As it happened the sun came out and the castle was in full useafter the juniors had finished their competition. The Team Tigers were so enthusiastic with their events they nearly wore both Mr Freeman's out!

Junior students performed extremely well both in patterns and sparring. It takes a fair amount of effort to stand in front of 3 judges and perform patterns, for which we all applauded them. The adults showed alot of confidence and effort in their categories too.

In the break between Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing, we were all entertained by two 'one off' events. Firstly, the Mums high kick contest with the Mums showing that's it's not only the kids that can kick!

The boxing ring was then constructed by all the helpers and staff with a few laughs along the way.

Then the afternoon began, we had visitors from Sherborne, which was great one student took part in both Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing. Master Jones thanked them for attending. The fist fight was with two young boys from Dorchester who put on a great show, well done Chris and Reece, whilst waiting for the adults to fight we had the unusual spectacle of Master Jones putting on a demo fight with one of the young spectators...Alex did a great job and everyone enjoyed the entertainment, especially the pink gloves!!

We had some of our lady members take part in the ring, followed by the winner fighting one of our Taekwon-Do ladies Emily White, she was a little daunted by sparring with the kickboxers. It was fascinating to watch as there are vast differences between the two.

Overall it was a brilliant fun event, however we felt it would have been all that much better if more people took part in these smaller events.

Angie White

DMA Tournament - Chippenham


Team Integrity gathered at Blandford, well Mr Winton's house actually at 0745 on Sunday morning. Mr Winton had very kindly offered to drive the team consisting of Miss Emily White and Hugo Begnini.

Support member was Angie White and Mr Winton acted as driver and was also officiating at the competition.

The journey was good, apart from a road closure that gave a slight detour. Mr Winton seemed to know exactly where he was headed.

Upon our arrival at the Olympiad centre we saw a few familiar faces from our own tournament and others that we had attended.

Up to perform first was Hugo, with adult patterns. Hugo very cool, calm performed his pattern with excellent execution and was rewarded with a gold! A while later Miss White had her turn, and was pitted against none other than Master Deedegan's daughter 4th degree. Both performed their patterns extremely well and to Miss White's surprise she too was rewarded with a gold, beating Master Deedegan's daughter.

The sparring followed after the patterns, with Hugo doing what Hugo does so well, he again took gold in the section. He ruled the mat from the start!

Miss White had an extremely interesting time, with her opponent sparring exactly in the same manner as she does. Both competitors seemed evenly matched but it was Miss White's opponent that came out with the gold, and she proudly come home with a silver.

All in all a very good result for the Integrity Team of Miss White and Hugo Begnini.

We need more students to make Team Integrity

We would all like to thank Master Deedegan for his invitation to the tournament and to Master Jones, Mr Winton, Mr Dobbs, Mr Donahoo for their support on the day.

Angie White


 Black belt grading results

On May 17th 2014, the following students were succesfull at the bi annual black belt gradings :

Taekwon-Do : George Hutchings and Joshua Freeman both did a terrific job and are now 2nd Degrees. And the following also achieved the coveted 1st Degree : Oliver Merry, Shawn Freeman and Adam Lambert.

Kickboxing : Elaine Jarvis did tremendously well, grading's are hard as it is, but to do it all on her own takes a great deal of courage and spirit. Ma'am is now a 3rd Degree.

Huge congratulations to all.

Black belt grading results

On November 17th, we held our latest black belt grading in Ferndown. After a very tough and exhausting morning the following students were succesfull :

Taekwon-Do : Chris Bull and Emily White 3rd Degree, kirsty Lardner 2nd Degree, James Freeman, Mikey Dewsnap, Peter Allen, Luke Pudney, Paul Workman, Jack Gordge, Katherine Hutchings and Oliver stockley 1st Degree.

Kickboxing : Josh and Jade Reilly 2nd Degree, Dave Shepherd and Amanda Farran 1st Degree.

Massive congratulations to all the above.

Master Sahota seminar

On November 9th we were fortunate to host senior Master Sahota VIII to Dorset to host a special seminar for our members, and also to head the grading panel for Mrs Robinson's 6th degree testing. The panel consisting of Master Sahota, Master Deedigan and Master Jones bore witness to a truly outstanding level, not only of Taekwon-Do, but of courage and spirit. Everyone at Integrity is delighted for Ma'am's richly deserved success. The grading was followed by Master Sahota's seminar, we were treated to two hours of world class explanations of General Choi's philosophies and training secrets. After speaking to most of students they can't wait for another excellent Taekwon-Do seminar. So look out for the next one.





Integrity Taekwon-Do squad sessions

Mr Winton has been running these sessions over the past couple of months, they've been well recieved by the students who have attended and are a great way of increasing your chances in competitions.


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Weymouth martial arts camp - August 2013

Every year sees a long weekend martial arts camp, hosted jointly by our friends in Upton Martial Arts, Aspire Martial Arts of Salisbury, Cardiff Martial Arts, Southwest Martial Arts and South Hams Martial Arts (phew). This year's family friendly was the biggest and best one yet, boasting sleeping under canvas, running to and training on the beach and some top notch lessons from top notch instructors, including our very own Kim Robinson.


This year's consignment from Integrity included Mr Potter (as ever) and the Freeman family, who enjoyed their first martial arts camp and doubt it will be their last.


Look out for next year's event - application forms should be out early next year!



Beach barbecue 2013

The sun was shining.........and Integrity's 'finest' turned out to have a great day socialising with each other, enjoying the fantastic atmosphere!! A massive thank you to our chef, Chris who didn't stop cooking for nearly 3 hours!!....And a great big 'thanks' to all of you who came along and supported it.  Integrity held this BBQ in order to give back a little something to all the students, parents ad families who have supported us over the years. The day went smoothly with a great load of help from all of you....So thanks once again.

Kim Robinson

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Black belt presentation evening - June 2013

This year we decided to try something 'different' and go for a sit down meal to celebrate some of our students achieving their black belts in May. Master Jones and I spoke about our students individually, expressing our congratulations and presented them with their new belts and certificates, before we could then relax and 'tuck' into the lovely selection of food that was available for us. We then enjoyed great chat amongst friends, students and parents with a few drinks!

Black belt is an amazing achievement and everyone who took part deserved a great night........Well done to all of you that passed and a big thanks to all the instructors, friends and family for supporting them along the way.

Another successful evening

Kim Robinson


World Championships, Canada - August 2012

Integrity took a trip to Canada for the World Championships in August and here Kirsty Lardner explains her experience...


Canada, well what can I say? Hmmm a mixed bag of emotions for me. On arrival spirits were very high, tired but a sense of excitement and anticipation was brewing. It was to say the least a very long day. Alarm went off at 6 am and I recall the joy of myself and you at the realisation we had only had 4 hrs sleep.

So the opening ceremony on day 1.... "tae kwondo in Canada" is all have to say about that! Not quite sure where the supposed $40000 went, but hey we enjoyed it anyway. Then the juniors started their patterns and sparring categories. I have to say the girls outshone the boys, with 3 junior world champions crowned from the England team: good effort ladies.

Following the juniors it was time for the seniors, so Mr Winton took the mat in his hyperweight sparring category.... First draw was against a previous MMA champion. Mr Winton showed true spirit however he was beaten in his first round.

After the seniors it was the turn of the adults, so having made a promise to Master Jones and Mrs Robinson that I would NOT get nervous and hyper ventilate, I awoke on the Friday morning calm and pretty chilled!

So it was my turn to sit in the competitors area, taking the opportunity to get a feel for the mats. We drilled some patterns and began to warm up... Then disaster. Jumping 360 degree spin in choong moo, landed and due to very slippy mats my foot slipped and my knee compensated... POP and down I went. Unable to feel any pain due to the shock of what had happened and trying not to throw up as the fear of not competing crept over me. I was soon surrounded by my coach and the squad all running around getting ibuprofen water and tape...

So it was strapped up, I'd taken pain killers and I was trying to stay calm, trying not to read Kim's eyes as we shared glances of concern. After half an hour I tried a few moves from my pattern and pop, it went again, and then a third time. The coaches sat down with me and the words "time to make some decisions don't you think?" were put to me. Kim went to call Malcolm as I was unable to speak to him and unable to make the decision. 18 months of hard training and competition and not letting anyone down was driving me to compete regardless...

Fortunately the decision was made for me, and I was pulled out of the worlds. After the emotional trauma wore off a little and I'd spoken to Molly, I felt calmer, and then my new role as team supported and cheerleader took over. I'd plough all my determination into cheering their success, resulting in a loss of voice.

Highlights for me: watching Nicola win gold in middle weight sparring - I've competed side by side with her for 18 months and I was chuffed as nuts to see her win - and watching Gavin Robertson fight -a truly adrenaline fused fighter. Nice on the eyes too.


Making some strong friendships, especially sharing the week with Kim, we really did lots of laughs and I feel I've made a close friend there. Although I didn't compete I did learn a massive amount from just being there.

So what next? Well, physio for one, then back to some gentle training. The British Championships is in October, and 2nd degree grading in November. Next year it's the Europeans and I will be there

- Kirsty Lardner 1st degree black belt


Integrity would like to say on behalf of all of the competitors / coaches & instructors a massive thank you to everyone who helped Integrity make their way to Canada by supporting various fundraising events and for their kind words and good luck wishes. It was a fantastic experience that none of us will ever forget

- Mrs Kim Robinson



Fundraising Competition For The World Championships - 30th June 2012

Team Tigers, juniors, adults, parents and helpers all turned out to help raise more money for the world championships again at the weekend. Taekwon Do and Kickboxing took place all in good fun for the cause.

Parents also brought cakes and treats to sell to bump up the sales..... and that’s exactly what they did! We raised a staggering £468.50 including donations and entry fees, which was fantastic!

All seemed to have a great time and the Team Tigers set the day off with plenty of medals... All tried really hard to get that gold medal and looked like they were enjoying themselves. They were followed by junior patterns and sparring. Things were finished off with destruction and a team event with the adult Kickboxers and Taekwon Do. Really great efforts by everyone!

A massive thank you to all for giving up your time to help, many hands make light work and because of this it was a great success.


- Mrs Kim Robinson






English Open, Cornwall - 17th June 2012

Well done to the three Integrity students that were successful at the English Open Taekwon-Do competition on Sunday in Cornwall. The medal haul including three bronze, a silver and two golds!

English open in Cornwall

A great day was had by all and parents have asked that we thank Mr Winton for supporting everyone on the day, so thanks Sir! And here’s to the next one...

- Kim Robinson

Team Tigers Police Visit - 18th Feburary 2012

This saturday a group of 21 Team Tigers went on a visit to a local police station in Verwood. We were greeted by two very nice policemen who explained that we would be split into two groups and shown around the station and outdoor area. The trip included the kids being placed in a cell. Some parents asked if they could be kept in overnight but this was refused and the kids were let out again. Some individuals were handcuffed, others dressed in body armour and police hats, and some were searched with a metal detector.


After a DNA swab and a blow into the breathaliser we ventured outside and the gang got to climb aboard an assortment of vehicles. Again the kids got the chance to see the inside of a holding cell, this time in the back of a van, then came the highlight for most: the chance to climb aboard the offroad quad bike which is used in the fight against crime in places like the New Forest and various heathlands.


After a question and answer session we finished the visit off with a few photos and a round of applause for our two chaparones Steve and Joe, who I would like to thank for the efforts they put in to make this visit possible for us. It doesn't happen very much so we are privileged to have had this opportunity.


- Scott Pidgely


European Championships - 21st to 23rd October 2011

Don’t come home unless you’ve got a medal”: that’s what I always say to my husband when he goes off to a TaeKwon-Do tournament and I have to say he rarely disappoints! But, this one was a big one. After months of National Squad training, and endless washing of suits, he was off to Naples, Italy, for the European Championships and I was going with him. This would be my first TKD tournament and after playing sport all my life, and now coaching athletics, I was very much looking forward to it.

After a very noisy flight, full of Italian teenagers, we landed in Naples at about 11.30pm on the Wednesday. After a welcome beer in the hotel bar we crashed out ‘til the morning. We enjoyed an unusual breakfast of cheese, ham and tomatoes, then off to the weigh-in where we met up with others in the England team. Richard introduced me to other squad members and it was then that you got the feeling this was very much a team effort and that they were all pulling in the same direction. The weigh-in successfully over, we had the afternoon to ourselves and decided to take a trip out to Pompei. We were amazed at the size of the town and how much still remained. Although our visit was was only a short one I’m really glad we made it there. An hour's train ride back to the hotel, during which we were almost fined by the guard for not punching our tickets before boarding, we went out for a relaxing dinner and a bottle of wine and an early night.

The next morning was the start of the competition and it showed, even in the hotel breakfast room. There we were, sat with Germans, Swedish, Spanish and Slovakians all dressed ready for the day ahead. I must admit, I didn’t expect so many countries to be there, and it really did fell like something special. The time came for us to make our way to the venue, which was only a short walk from our hotel.

As we approached the hall we could see lots of other people standing outside waiting for the doors to open, again we were amongst numerous other countries from all over Europe. Eventually the rest of the England team arrived and we all made our way into a basketball stadium. The teams chose their seats and flags were duly laid out and hung and for the next three days this was a part of England. The atmosphere started to build and Richard confessed to being a tad nervous, as this was the biggest competition he’d ever done. I tried to reassure him telling him he deserved to be there and not to go home with any regrets, in other words “just go for it”.

Patterns were up first and I found this part hard to follow as I didn’t have a clue as to what was right or wrong and there were three rings to follow as well. I did my best and although I did think I might get bored, it amazed me that I began to follow it. What struck me was although everyone spoke different languages, they all understood the moves of the patterns and nationalities didn’t matter one bit. Eventually it was Richard’s turn and I could tell he was a bit nervous and worried (it didn’t help matters that one of the other seniors broke his toe doing his patterns). Anyway Richard was up against a Swedish guy and all seemed to go well, I didn’t know at the time that this was for a medal, but it turned out that Richard had won Bronze - I was over the moon and so was he. As the day progressed it appeared that more and more medals were being won by the England team. The atmosphere was fantastic, with lots of chanting, and it was like being at Wembley. After quite a long day sitting on very uncomfortable seats we headed of to find some beer and some food. We were both quite happy with the way the first day had gone.

Saturday came and with it the sun. After topping up with food and water we again made our way to the stadium for a day of sparring. We took our seats and before the action started we were informed there was to be an opening ceremony. It was just like the Olympics. All the teams were marched in and introduced to the crowd, the noise was deafening and the chanting between the English, Italians and Dutch was on. After a few words from the officials all the teams left the floor. I have to say it was quite a sight seeing everyone in their suits marching around the arena and I counted at least fourteen countries.

The sparring got under way, and having always been a fan of boxing, this was turning out to be something I knew I would enjoy. The fights came thick and fast and the English juniors were doing really well, with lots of victories and medals being won. Richard found out he had to fight a Moldovian who resembled a ’Brick Wall’, well it seemed he was as wide as one anyway. Richard went to warm up and I took my place as close to ringside as I could get. As the bout got underway it seemed the ’Brick Wall’ was not for moving, he didn’t get around the ring much, but when he was hit he just stood there. The bout over and the judges gave it to ’The Wall’, narrowly, but me being biased, I felt my husband should have won it. Richard wasn’t happy with his performance and has vowed to work on his sparring for the next competition. This fight was the semi-final and he won a bronze medal, that’s two medals in a major championship, way more than he had anticipated, so Richard was starting to enjoy the whole experience.

One other thing I really enjoyed during the second day was the team patterns. The training and practice that went into these must have been tremendous. The England junior and adult teams were fantastic and their sequences were second to none. Day two over and we went in search for food and light refreshment and get ready for the final day.

Sunday came and we had a start time of 9.00am. As the finals got underway so did the individual and team Power Tests. Richard was competing in both of these. There was also the medal ceremonies, which would be toward the end of the day. Another competition on this day was “special techniques”, which included high kick and long kick. Again Richard was having a go at this and narrowly missed a medal. As the finals got underway on one side of the hall the other side was being prepared for individuals destruction and special techniques. The seniors and juniors started first on their destruction and once again more medals were won by the England teams. At last Richard's division was up and there seemed to be quite a few seniors so it took some time for everyone to get their turn. The guy from Moldova appeared and won the gold. This time Richard was not successful, but the strength and effort put in by both male and female England teams was terrific.

The morning progressed into the afternoon and the senior team began to prepare for team destruction. The Russians had won gold and we were neck and neck with the hosts, Italy, and it all depended on a break of four boards. The last member of the England team managed to break three of the boards and that gave England 9 and Richard the silver medal, which we were ecstatic about. Three medals was such an achievement for Richard and I was so proud of him.

With all the finals and destruction completed Master Nicholls conducted the many medals ceremonies. It was brilliant to see so many England flags up on the rostrum, and to see Richard up there on three occasions was even better. With the ceremonies almost completed Master Nocholls called everyone to the floor. He thanked everyone for their hard work, sportsmanship and teamwork. He also announced that the best team of the championships was England. This really was the icing on the cake for all involved. So, it was all over and we eventually left the hall at 10.30pm. We were exhausted and hungry but very elated.

The flight home on the Monday was a happy one with many of the team members on board. There were quite a few black eyes, bruises, cuts and even some in plaster. When we landed on British soil the pilot announced his congratulations to the England TKD team the whole plane erupted in a loud cheer and clapping which capped off a wonderful few days. Next time my husband competes I’ll know just how hard it can be to “come home with a medal”.

richard-winton-with-medalsRichard Winton and his medal haul.





More Medals For Integrity - 27th November 2011


Another weekend, another competition. This time it took place in Sherborne, held by South West Martial Arts. Integrity members from all over the south went along and took part. Here are the competitors and their results:

Team Tigers

Freddie, Frank, Ryan (Silver) 4 corner block
Aidan, Cara Gerrard, Alex Vera-Moyano (Silver) 4 corner block

TKD juniors

Aj Pink (Gold) Patterns,
Josh (Silver sparring/silver patterns)
Jaz Pidgley (Gold) high kick,
Ben Vincent, Jorja Baxter (Bronze) 4 corner block,
Liam Winton (Silver) sparring
Alex Russell (Bronze) 4 corner block
Katie Russell, Charlie Higgins (Gold 8 corner block/silver sparring)
Dan Gordge (Gold sparring/bronze patterns)
Jack Gordge (Bronze sparring/gold patterns/gold high kick)

TKD adults

Richard Winton (Gold) sparring
Scott Pidgley (Bronze) sparring
Mark Wood (Bronze) sparring

Well done everybody!


Black Belt Gradings - 12th November 2011

Congratulations to all those who passed the recent grading in Ferndown. Sadly there are too many to list, however the following attained black belts:


Sam Donohoo III degree
Emily White II degree
Liam WInton II degree
Katie Hilborne I degree
Kirsty Frampton I degree
Samuel Hurst I degree
Jack Strowger I degree
Joshua Freeman I degree
Charlotte Forshaw I degree
Aaron Milbank I degree
Liam Pudney I degree


Martin Crump III degree
Simon McClelland I degree
Osbert Tunpe I degree

Speak to your instructor to book your seat at the Christmas party and presentation evening, but hurry! Numbers are limited.


Charity Fundraiser For Jayde - October 2011

A few months back one of our Instructors sadly lost his 4yr old grand daughter Jayde to Meningitis. It was a sudden passing and a very big shock to us all so we decided to show our support by raising money for the Meningitis charity. Mr. Dobbs teaches at Sturminster Newton and we have a big following of over 30 students so we wanted to get everyone involved. We decided to come together and have a ‘Bring your parent to Taekwon Do’ session.The parents are close to Andy too and being so keen they started collecting sponsor money straight away. (I’m sure they even started training secretly to prepare themselves for the big day!). We had a great turn out and had a really good session with everyone looking after their parents, even my dad made a guest appearance, which was fantastic! But, after all the fun and good will we took a moment to remember Jayde and get back to the real reason why we were there. Andy showed us a tie he had with Jayde’s picture on that he wore to his daughters wedding just recently and I spoke about how she would be missed. We raised a total of £420 and wanted to give a special thanks to Tracey who raised an additional £71 by selling cakes at our last grading and doubled it with the bank, giving us a whopping £562. Myself and Andy are so grateful to everyone who donated and came along to show their support so would like to say a big thank you to you all, and thanks for the lovely messages that were sent.
Jayde will never be replaced but Jayde’s mum has just been blessed with a baby girl and they named her Lily Jayde. So, from all at Sturminster Newton we would like to say a big congratulations to Andy and his family on their new arrival and say that Jayde’s story touched us all and will never be forgotten.
- Kim Robinson


Bulldog Training - October 2011

I was asked by my two daughters if I would to take them to the Bulldog Gym in Bournemouth on Saturday morning. Integrity were being represented by Miss Tori Farran who is a Second Dan in Kickboxing.
To be brutally honest, kickboxing has never been of great interest to me as I have never taken the time to study the sport. I entered the gym to the hustle and bustle of men and women warming up and preparing themselves in their own individual ways, the smell of Deep Heat was everywhere, and it was extremely warm inside the rooms.

I could see by the various expressions on peoples faces that they weve nervous as well as excited to be taking part. There was a mix of boxers, kickboxers and Thai boxers competing. things got under way and everyone settled down to watch and cheer on their competitors. It soon became apparant that this wasn't just two people stepping into a ring and laying into each other without any thought, it took me by suprise exactly how technical some of the fighters were, their ringcraft and foorwork was in some instances, fantastic. The one thing that became very apparant was the fitness levels of these people, they had obviously worked extremely hard in preparation for this event and it showed throughout the day. the Bulldog Gym Instructors did a great job in controlling the fights, allowing each fight to have the right amount of contact based on the experience of the competitors so things flowed very well.

Tori did herself proud in a contest which saw her paired with a much older woman who was considerably taller than herself. Tori managed to land some superb combinations and aquitted herself extremely well throughout.

There were no winners or losers on the day as this wasn't what the meeting was about, it was a chance for everyone to showcase their skills and practice the technical side of the sport.
For me it was a good learning curve, I still say my passion lies with Taekwon-do, but I have a new found respect for these people who train exceptionally hard and have greater skill than I have ever given them credit for, for which I must apologise.

A big thankyou to Master Jones who explained to me what was going on and how things were scored. I thouroughly enjoyed myself and would recomment it to anyone

- Scott Pidgley


British Championships - October 2011

The 2011 British Championships was recently held in Reading, serving as a qualifing event for the World Championships in Canada next year. Integrity was yet again well represented by the following students:

  • Richard Winton 5th Dan - Silver in Patterns
  • Marcus Jones 4th Dan - Gold in Patterns
  • David Webb 2nd Dan - Competed but no medals
  • Jasmine Pidgley - 2nd Dan - Silver in 3rd Dan patterns
  • Kirsty Lardener 1st Dan - Bronze in Patterns
  • James Freeman - 3rd Kup - Silver in Sparring
  • Joshua Webb 10th Kup - Silver in sparring



I would like to thank everyone who helped to make this possible. It isn't just the students who are a success, it takes a lot of hard work from instructors and also families who give a tremendous amount of time and effort and inevitably foot the bill to get the students to the venues, I hope we can build on this success and continue to grow on the tournament circuit. We have a great base to work with now and need to make this grow into a larger even more successful group of competitor. We can't do this on our own so take the plunge and have a go. Who knows, next time there could be an even longer list of winners.

I would also like to thank Master Jones and Mrs Robinson for their continued support.

Tae Kwon.

- Scott Pidgley


Trowbridge Tournament - September 2011


Well done to Sturminster Newton brothers Dan and Jack Gordge for taking part in the Trowbridge tournament held by Master Deedigan in September. They both came away with medals - congratulations boys!.


gordge1 gordge2


Fun Walk - 27th August 2011


On Saturday the 27th of August, eleven Integrity members and I did a sponsor ten mile walk from Bryanston School gates to the end of the trailway in Sturminster Newton.

We left Blandford just after 9:30am and we managed to finish at about half one/two o’clock, including the many toilet stops and a very short picnic! (Thanks to a farmer who insisted we couldn’t sit and eat on the trailway). We experienced a bit of rain but, I am pleased to say, it stayed mostly dry with the sun shining. I think I can safely say that everyone really enjoyed the fresh air, especially the dogs!

By taking part we have raised £530.00 to go to a very worthy charity that Osbert works with when he goes to Thailand. The charity is called ‘Siam-Care’ and helps people who are facing battles with HIV and AIDS.

By Jade Reilly



Beach Barbecue - 20th August 2011


When we woke on the morning of 20th August it was cold and wet and we thought the beach barbecue would have to be postponed again. But by the afternoon, following numerous texts and checking the Facebook page, it was confirmed the barbecue was going ahead so we headed off to Studland beach where the sun was shining.


Christian was head chef again and did a great job of cooking the burgers and bangers. Nice shorts too! Very coordinated with Gavin's.


Some of the younger lads had a swim and played on Ryan's kayak which looked great fun. A bit too cold for me in there though. The boys finally came out once they had gone a nice shade of blue! They soon warmed up though when most people got involved in a game of football. I'm not sure if anyone knew what side they were on and there was a lot of pushing going on (especially Kirtsy & Shawn!) but it was good fun none the less.




Thank you to Malcolm & Kim for organising the barbecue . We had a lovely afternoon. Good company, a great laugh and Joe had a nice impression of the ball on his tummy for two days after saving a goal kicked by Mr Pidgley.




Sponsored Martial Arts Megamix - 10th July 2011



When the sponsored martial arts day was mentioned, my thought was if I am going to do it, I might as well do the whole 10 hours. The day started with kickboxing. If I thought it was going to be a low impact day I was wrong, we were worked as hard as normal. We then had boxing followed by sparring, self defence (where I had my arm bent in many directions) and then Taekwon-Do, which I found hard but interesting,

We then had Ju Jitsu. I was paired up with Miss Stokes and at one point I had her in a strangle hold, then she flipped me over onto the hard floor. Luckily we took it in turns. In a weird way this was quite good fun!


We then had Taekwon-Do again My coordination let me down, perhaps due to the arm twisting in the self defence and Ju Jitso. This was following by Kung fu with trainers Osbert and Ben who as a warm up had me sprinting around the hall, doing press up and squats, I did wonder whether they realised that I had already done 7 hours. I think my body was already warmed up! I enjoyed the session, lots of kicks similar to those in kickboxing. Finally we were down to the last two hours: boxing first then kickboxing to end the day. The last 50 minutes went slow, and we went through combinations then finally some stretching which I definitely needed. We were done and my 10 houyrs completed - what an achievement. I would like thank everybody who ran the classes throughout the day, they made those ten hours go fairly quickly; I also would like to thank everyone that sponsored me.


By Christine Cowell


Thank you to all who took part in the day. We raised an impressive £830, a good start towards kickboxing / boxing ring fund


Ness Walters



Summer Camp - 4th-7th August 2011


It was pouring with rain as we drove to Weymouth for the summer camp. However, once we arrived the sun was shining and we were able to put up our tent. Camp started with a group meeting and compulsory training. There were over 80 students, some from as far away as Cardiff! Everyone was put into groups and Charlie and Jorja were in Team Dragons.

Every morning started with a mile run to Weymouth sea front, where beach training took place and everyone ended up in the sea! Luckily the sun was shining and everyone had fun getting very wet!

The rest of training took place at the camp and sessions included; traditional taekwondo, kickboxing, self defence and sparring. Team Dragons learnt a lot of new skills including board breaking!

Saturday night was a real highlight with a free BBQ, quiz, talent show and even Master Jones made a guest appearance.

By Sunday morning everyone was extremely tired but happy and Team Dragons had fun playing on the beach. We all really enjoyed camp and it was an excellent opportunity to train with students from different clubs. Hope to see you there next year.....


By the Higgins family






What better way to celebrate your recent annointment as master than a round of dominoes and a slap-up fish supper? Master Jones recently found out when forcibly tricked into attending his own suprise celebration evening in Poole.



Organised by our ever-industrious Scott Pidgley and attended by intructors and students from Integrity, we were joined for the evening by Jennie Clark of South West Martial Arts, Tristan Brown of Uptonj Martial Arts, Chris Wood of South Coast Martial Arts and Kevin McCabe of Cardiff Martial Arts, plus a big clutch of their students, for an evening of displays and sparring. Salutations to everyone who helped make this event both a success and a surprise.



Some breaking.



Awarding trophies to the evening's competitors.



Referee Mr Kevin McCabe ensuring everyone behaves.





Well done to those that journeyed to Cornwall to partake of the English Championships staged at Cairne Brae Leisure Centre in Redruth. Integrity' students picked up the following brace of awards:



Molly Lardner - bronze
James Freeman - special award as he missed his group


Kirsty Lardner- silver
Jason Bassett- 2x silver
Richard Winton- bronze
A very long but enjoyable day was had by all.





Tucked away in the Dorset heartland next to the historic town of Blandford Forum, Durweston played host to Integrity's June awards evening, where friends and family got to say a jolly well done to the graduates of the recent black belt gradings. Special mentions of course go to Malcolm Jones's masterness even though he'd rather we stopped going on about it.



The senior instructors about to welcome someone to the stage...



... and the audience bestowing a big hurrah on the new black belt.


The awards evenings are growing in popularity and are a great way for friends and family to help celebrate that big martial arts milestone. Next one will be some time in December...



The results of the recent Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing gradings, undertaken at Bradley Stoke Community School in Bristol and at Sturminster Newton are now in:


Malcolm Jones VII degree
Richard Winton V degree
Richard Potter IV degree
Mark Gibbs III degree
Christopher Bull II degree
Paul Watson I degree
Daniel Hardiman I degree
Samuel Moore I degree
Anna Crompton I degree
Joe Carter I degree
Kirsty Lardner I degree
Gary Osborne I degree


Charlie James I degree
Peter Briant I degree
Hannah Jarvis I degree

Congratulations to all those who've achieved their new grades and don't forget to book your seat at the awards evening on June 11th...




A masive well done to the group of 8 students and 8 family members who travelled to Motherwell. just outside of Glasgow. to participate in the World Championship qualifying Scottish Open Championship.

The event took place in Ravenscraig Sports Facility, which is an Olympic size venue with fantastic facilities and a decent sized hall. There was a good turn out of somewhere in the region of 250 competitors in all.
We set out on Saturday morning at 7:45am with everyone in good spirits and looking forward to the weekend ahead, eventually arriving at our hotel in Motherwell at around 5:30pm. After checking in and having a freshen up, everyone met downstairs and decided a Chinese meal would finish the day off nicely. The food was first class and the atmosphere was great with some lighthearted fun thrown in for good measure.

Sunday Morning started in much the same mood with everyone excited and enthusiastic about the day ahead. After a hearty Scottish breakfast - some even tried the haggis - it was all aboard the minibus and off to the venue.

The standard was very high throughout the day and although nerves were apparent our competitors did an amazing job, giving it 100% in everything they did. The day ended with a tally of 14 medals, an amazing testament to Integrity Martial Arts.

After a few photos it was back on board the bus and homeward bound. The total round trip was 900 miles but nobody seemed to care after a great weekend. I would like to thank Mr Jones for sharing the driving with me, I couldn't have done it without you, and extend a big congratulations to all those students who took part and made the weekend such a success. None of it would have been possible if the kickathon hadn't had had the support it did. I look forward to the next trip.

Regards, S Pidgley.




Congratulations to everybody who took part in Integrity's tournament, run by Karen Stokes and Kim Robinson in the charming town of Sturminster Newton last weekend. Both Taekwon-Do and kickboxing was well-represented on the day and competitors from both Integrity and elsewhere were welcomed.

Thanks to everybody who worked their socks off to make the day a success.

Sturminster tournament - adult sparring





Mrs Robinson was recently treated to a skydiving experience as a birthday present from her family, and here's the proof...


Kim Stokes skydiving.




A fundraising Kickathon was held in Bournemouth on Sunday the 13th of March to help towards the traveling costs for a planned trip to the ITF Scottish Open Championships on March 27th in Motherwell.

Fifteen students including two team tigers took part in the day's activities and although it was a gruelling challenge everyone acquitted themselves superbly.

The challenge involved three different types of kicks: a turning kick, side piercing kick and a jumping front kick. Each kick had an allocated time which for juniors was ninety seconds and adults two minutes. There was greatly appreciated support from friends and family who kept the atmosphere to a high throughout the day.

Approximately sixc hundred and fifty pounds was pledged in sponsorship, which is fantastic considering there were only ten days in which to raise money.

The top scores in each category are as follows:

  • Adult colour belt - Kirsty Lardner - 384 kicks
  • Junior Black Belt - Jasmine Pidgley - 310 kicks
  • Adult Black Belt - Richard Winton - 337 kicks

I would personally like to thank everyone who took part in the kickathon and to forward an even greater thank you to those who pledged money to the students .
The standard of fitness was well above expectations and a credit to yourselves. Well done.

- Mr Scott Pidgley




Held in Cardiff, this tournament included seeding for next year's World Championships for black belts. Medals won gave competitors points to carry over to the next competition, to take place in Scotland, with the Irish and the British competitions following later in the year. The more medals a competitor gets, the more points they accumulate, which means you can go through to the worlds automatically if you have top scores. It was a very long day and some didn't get to compete until 4pm (even though we were all there at 9am!) but everyone worked hard and encouraged each other.

The following Integrity students competed:

  • Shawn Freeman - gold sparring/silver patterns
  • Jason Bassett - gold patterns
  • Marcus Jones - bronze sparring / bronze patterns
  • Kim Robinson - silver patterns
  • James Freeman - silver sparring/bronze patterns
  • Jaz Pidgley - bronze patterns
  • Mike Shiner - sparring -No medals
  • Jack Gordge - patterns -No medals
  • Dan Gordge - patterns -No medals
  • Richard Winton - patterns/sparring -No medals

The bus was very kindly organised by Scott Pidgley... remember to thank him please. A good day was had by all and it was well worth it in the end to see some world class patterns and sparring and to bring more medals home for Integrity.



By popular request Integrity have introduced new training opportunities in the shape of squad sessions to help students develop their Taekwon-Do skills.

Mrs Robinson conducted the inaugural class at Pimperne village hall with the main focus being to improve students overall abilities and to improve competition standards for those that regularly compete in tournaments. After a swift introduction, Mrs Robinson asked individuals what they felt they needed to work on and what they hoped to gain from the class – of course everyone came up with some positive answers and gave good feedback.

A light warm up started the physical part of the morning off, clearing out all the cobwebs and getting the heart pumping. The tempo was increased and everyone without exception responded superbly. The students were then spread out and some stretching exercises were performed.

Pattern work followed with a great in-depth explanation of what is needed to become not only a top class performer but a good student as well. Questions and aI would also like to thank Master Jones and Mrs Robinson for their continued support.img alt=nswers passed around the dojang with everybody taking a great interest in the views and opinions of the senior grades. The pattern performances and line work that followed were also entered into with great vigour and were a pleasure to watch from the sidelines. Power and acceleration along with balance and focus seemed to be the order of the day, along with a breakdown on blocking and kicking techniques.

The last half of the two hour session tackled sparring and what is needed to achieve ones goals, be they becoming a serious competitor at competition level, or simply improving in general fitness and technique. Mrs Robinson got everyone working incredibly hard over the next few rounds with a very classy display of sparring coming from Mr Potter, 3rd dan. Everyone who sparred against him agreed it was very difficult to get inside his fantastic guard.

Students went on to be individually assessed on their own sparring with the chance to showcase their skills in front of everyone. After each round they received comments from the spectators and worked to improve on the areas that weren’t so great. Some found this quite a challenge as they were new to the sport but still gave it a good go and should be proud of themselves. Proceeding were brought to a close with a gentle warm down and a closing speech from Mrs Robinson, who also asked if everyone enjoyed the session: the reply was a resounding “Yes!”.

These extra sessions are held every two weeks on a saturday and cost £5 per student. Doboks should be worn and sparring equipment brought if owned. See the calendar of events to confirm the time and venue of the next one and we'll see you there.



As you should know by now, we're holding a local tournament in March for those students who fancy dipping their toes in competition waters.

Just to get you all in the mood for March's local tournament, here are the Integrity students who between them scored a good clutch of medals from tournaments late last year...

Plymouth (hosted by South Coast Martial Arts):

James Freeman – Gold sparring/Silver patterns

Joshua Freeman – Silver sparring

Shawn Freeman – Gold sparring/Silver patterns

Jasmine Pidgley – Silver patterns

Sam Donohoo – Competed but no medals

Sherbourne – (hosted by South West Martial Arts):

Jack Gordge – Gold patterns

Daniel Gordge – Gold sparring/Bronze patterns

James Freeman – Gold patterns/Silver sparring

Joshua Freeman – Silver sparring

Shawn Freeman – Gold sparring/Bronze patterns

Jasmine Pidgley – Gold patterns

Daniel Crook – Gold sparring

Richard Winton – Bronze patterns/Silver sparring

Liam Winton – Gold long kick/Bronze patterns


Jason Bassett – Gold sparring/Bronze patterns

Kirsty Lardner - Gold patterns/Silver sparring

Marcus Jones - Gold patterns

James Freeman – Bronze patterns

Joshua Freeman – Competed but no medals

Mike shiner - Competed but no medals

Jasmine Pidigley – Competed but no medals

Shawn Freeman – Gold sparring/ Bronze patterns

Think you can do better? Ask your instructor for a tournament entry form and take the road to glory...



The latest Integrity Martial Arts black belt grading took place at Rossmore in Poole on November 20th. The successful students are listed below.


Toby Cameron 3rd degree

Mike Shiner 2nd degree

Marcel Kraftner 2nd degree

Marcus Hutton 2nd degree

Genevieve Hopkins 2nd degree

Mitchell Milbourne 1st degree

Joshua Du Feu 1st degree

Rebecca Tun Pe 1st degree

Natasha Pickard 1st degree

Callum Osborne 1st degree


Karen Stokes 3rd degree

Ness Walters 2nd degree

Tori Farran 2nd degree

Alan Little 2nd degree

Steve Downs 1st degree

Steve Jarvis 1st degree


All students graded under the watchful eyes of Mrs Robinson V degree, Mr Wood V degree and Mr Jones VI degree. The panel all commented on how pleased they were that some of the students who were unsuccessful last time came back and showed great spirit this time.





You already know training is good. You pop along to your local sports centre or school hall once or twice a week to jump around and punch and kick things and work up a sweat. There's nowt wrong with a bit of jumping and punching and kicking and sweating, as someone once said.

Some of you aim further and travel the land to tournaments, taking on scary opponents and hopefully picking up some trophies in the process. Even if the trophy collection doesn't go that well you'll doubtless accumulate some good memories and new friends in the process. What could be finer than that?

Well... The ultimate extra-curricular activities are of course the various training camps on offer, the latest of which took place at the tail end of October at Warmwell Leisure Centre near Weymouth. "Winter Camp" is perhaps a misnomer seeing as it takes place in the autumn and there was nary a tent pole nor pegs nor canvas to be seen, the accommodation consisting of some surprising luxurious and well-equipped chalets.

Following our arrival on Friday evening we cooked some nice food, experimented with new ways of annoying Mr Jones - the rules of engagement are a little different at camp - and made sensible use of the site facilities before setting our alarms for the morning.

The pre-breakfast morning session took us on a job around the site, followed by a bunch of activities of varying technical orthodoxy and silliness on the site astroturf. Having been woken up by this we then washed, breakfasted, and annoyed Mr Jones some more until the afternoon session.

The afternoon session took place in a nearby village hall and was rather more traditional, although the exposure to different instructors with differing approaches encourages a better understanding of ones chosen art.

Once finished we raced back to the site for an evening of advanced cooking techniques, gurning and mediocre Nelson Mandela impressions.

This pattern was repeated on the Sunday. Some spoilsports left on Sunday evening, but the rest stayed the night for more frivolity.

As always it was a top-notch weekend, though it was tough to readjust to normalcy in the following week. If you can get to one of these camps then please do so, you will be glad you did. Keep an eye on the event calendar for the next one...




Saturday August 14th was the date set for our annual thank you to all Integrity members and their families. This year we decided to have a beach barbecue. Unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side and we had a few short downpours, however the spirits weren't dampened! Many thanks to Christian for being our resident chef. All in all approximately 60 people turned up and had a great time.









Marcus Jones and Ben Tun pe flew out to Korea to take part in the 15th world Taekwon-Do championships in Cheunj Ju Korea on June 30th. Marcus took part in the senior male pattern event, whilst Ben competed in the mens micro sparring category. Unfortunately on this occasion they weren't successful, however both the categories were packed with world class opposition. They've both vowed to return to Canada for the next world championships in 2012. We'd like to say that even though they didn't come away with any silverware we at Integrity are very proud of them. England were narrowly beaten into 2nd place by Argentina on the overall medals table. Some of the picture below were taken on the last day before returning home.







Congratulations go out to Joshua and James Freeman who travelled down to Torbay to take part in a large Taekwon-Do championships. The day had well over 250 competitors and both boys had very large divisions to compete in. Both boys took part in patterns, high kick and sparring. James beat four fighters to take the gold in the lightweight sparring category, so well done James, better luck next time for Joshua. And a special thanks to the boys parents for supporting their children, it's really nice to see such fantastic support.





Our sincere congratulations go out to two of our students who have been selected for the up and coming World Taekwon-Do championships in Korea in the summer.

If anyone has any ideas regarding sponsorship for our lads, (the trip is likely to cost They both qualified to represent their country for the first time. This is a tremendous achievement for both of them. And indeed we are very proud of both of them.


Marcus Jones IV Degree senior patterns

Ben Tunpe I Degree Micro sparring

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