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The links on this page take you away from our web site.

Arthur Meek's site, Arthur is one of the best instructors I've met. He's also one of the good guys.

Great resource site for this subject.

Online forum for kickboxing and MMA

Angie and Rich do a great embroidery service!

Carl Sam's site, one of the UK's best promoters, and like Arthur a good guy.

Kevin McCabe's TKD and KB site

CRB stuff!

Master Deedigan's site.

Two FAST defence sites from Bill Kipp, the leader in the field of asdrenal stress training.

BAFTA award winning film producer and writer and self defence guru.

Manufacturer of most of our suits etc.

The Bradshaws' TKD site.

International Taekwon-Do federation's site.

Jane's KB site.

Great place for printing, thanks Mark.

Dawn's KB site, great for insurance

Paul's T shirts and hoodies rock!!

My FAST defence colleauge Mark Wingfield.

Our good mate Chris Wood's Martials arts site down in Plymouth, GREEN ARMY !!!

Kerry Burridge's site near Bristol.

Great educational centre for kids in Bournemouth.

Jennie Clarke's Martial arts site in Somerset.

Master Nicholls Imperial Taekwon-Do site

Great TKD resource site and it's free YIPEE !!!

Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing site down on the coast.

In my opinion the best self defence instructor in the UK!!! Lee Morrison is the real deal.

Another of the martial arts network sites in Poole