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Integrity was founded on August 1st 2008 by Mrs Kim Robinson IV Degree and Mr Malcolm Jones VI Degree, who collectively have over 50 years of martial arts training behind us. We are part of a new UK martial art's network, with branches all over the country.

We, as
INTEGRITY MARTIAL ARTS promise the following:

  • To provide a professional, honest and fair service to all of our students, catering for everyone's needs
  • To provide Martial art's training to suit both adults and children
  • To never misuse the privilege of running a martial arts organisation and respect the respnibility we take on 
We will endeavour to do this by:
  • Encouraging our instructors and students at all times
  • Endeavouring to make our instructors and students proud of Integrity
  • Ensuring that a clear policy on treating people fairly (to include adults as well as children) is in place and acting promptly where cases of bullying or harassment are proven
  • Providing a range of appropriate training for instructors to include, technical, first aid and teacher training
  • Aiming to provide the best possible service we can, interms of cost effective for all merchandise, lessons and events
  • Constantly reviewing our procedures and asking for feedback, perhaps more importantly, listening and respecting all views
  • Following recommended guidelines in undertaking CRB checks, ensuring a robust child protection policy is in place and any necessary action taken in a timely and professional manner
  • Asking all our instructors to sign up to our pledge
  • Providing a copy of our pledge to all students