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Mr Malcolm Jones 7th Degree

Chief Instructor Mr Malcolm Jones VII was born in Carlisle, in 1961 to Eileen and Graham, with who I have the greatest admiration and love for, I was brought up, along with my older brother Stephen, who I publicly apologise for being a typical 'cheeky younger brother' in a military family, my dad was in the navy for over 25 years.

I've been involved in the martial arts for 40 years, starting my career in Judo, which I practised for 3 years, then when my parents thought I was old enough I took up Wado Ryu Karate under Tatsuo Suzuki. Three years later my parents moved to Bournemouth, where I unsuccessfully tried to find a suitable Karate class. A friend had previously told me about Taekwon-Do, so I went and had a look, the date was December 3rd 1980. I have studied Taekwon-Do ever since. I started teaching Kickboxing in 2002 and maintain the grade of 5th Degree, kickboxing is a great way of learning a martial art as well as keeping fit.

One of the highlights of my career was in September 2000 meeting, and grading to V Dan with General Choi Hong Hi, the founder of Taekwon-Do.

I have studied and taught all over the world, and have been fortunate enough to have been praised and honoured for my teaching ability, however to me I'm not merely teaching a physical skill!

Since I took up teaching over 30 years ago I have taught from scratch just short of 250 black belts, all off them being finer exponents of Taekwon-Do/Kickboxing than myself, and even now seeing anyone of my students receive their Dan grades is a highly emotional moment for me.

I always try and make all my students better than me, to me that's the way things should be. Have fun in your training whether it's with me or one of our other fantastic instructors. I'm sure we'll come across each other at some point.


Mrs Kim Robinson 6th Degree

Miss Kim Stokes IVHi my name is Kim Robinson, I was born in Blandford in 1981, and I'm a VI Dan black belt in Taekwon-Do. Here's a little bit about my life.......

I started training with my 'big sis' in 1987 when I was a 'sweet little' 6 year old with somebody called Malcolm Jones, who I have a lot to thank for. School was a breeze, we never had any trouble with bullies because as soon as the kids heard we were 'Kung Fu experts' they didn't want to know. As the years passed quickly!! I started helping my instructor teach in the class and really enjoyed it. I soon grew up and the rest of my family soon followed along, my little sister, brother and then believe it or not my Dad! We'd all go off to competitions most weekends, piled in to the car and chauffeured by our mum and make a day of it. Now we're all grown up and black belts at various levels which is really mad when you think about it, but it just sort of happened.

When I left school I had a few office jobs and went to college and taught one class a week for Mr Jones, simply because I enjoyed doing it. I loved to see all the smiling faces on the kids, and have a good run round with them after a hard day at the office As soon as I walked into the class I was so relaxed and I knew this what I wanted to do. After a while the office job got boring, and I wanted to start teaching all of the time because it was much more fun. I was given the chance by my instructor, which is the best opportunity I could have ever asked for, as now I'm teaching every night of the week at different schools, which is so much more exciting than any 9 to 5 job.

One of my early recruits included my little brother, who started with me when he was 5. And he's also taken up kickboxing too! And yes he does cringe when he has to call me Ma'am, bless him! Overall I have students ranging from 4-13 yrs old, as well as adults. Obviously they're in different classes, but I teach up to 4 classes a night sometimes. Which can be very tiring, but all worth it. I've been teaching for many years now and am very happy with my life. Taekwon-Do has never been easy for me, as I've struggled to make some of the higher Dan grades, but I've got there in the end thanks to my loving family, who mean the world to me and have supported me all the way through. It's been hard work but I would never be anywhere other than where I am today, as teaching is all I've ever wanted to do. And teaching children is easy and so much fun, probably because I'm still a big kid myself!


Mr Richard Winton 6th Degree

I was born in Rinteln, West Germany in 1959 before the Berlin wall came down. I too was born into a military family. I'd not really had much interest in conventional sports but always had an interest in martial arts, but never had a chance to participate until I was introduced to Taekwon-Do in 1985 by a friend who had already started training. I've loved it ever since. I achieved my black belt in 1989 under Master Hee IL Cho 8th Degree, and I became an instructor in 2007 as I wanted to give back some of what Taekwon-Do has given me. From the day I started teaching I have found it to be very rewarding, seeing students flourish and achieving their goals.



Sam Donohoo 4th Degree


Hi my name is Sam Donohoo and I'm a 4th Degree black belt and instructor with Integrity martial arts. I started training in 2002 with my Dad and big brother under our instructor Mr Les Stokes. I remember going to my first class and watching a young man called Rob Stokes performing pattern Won Hyo and saying "I want to be like that guy!!" From that moment, I knew that I was hooked.

Growing up with Taekwon-Do has been a very fun and useful experience. In school I was the 'Kung fu kid' or the 'Origami master' so I had no trouble with bullies as they were put off by my apparent paper folding skills...I always looked forward to my evening class and always feltI'd learnt something new every week. I have alot to thank Mr Stokes for, as he has helped me become the person I am today.

I gained my black belt in 2006 which was one of my proudest moments. From gaining it, so many opportunities have opened up for me and I have grabbed hold of as many as possible. I've always wanted to teach and I now have my own class in Gillingham which, to me, is a fantastic achievement in itself. I also take part in local and national tournaments and still enjoy my training. My Dad is also one of my instructors and I wouldn't be where I am today without him and my current instructor, Mrs Kim Robinson, who is such an inspirational person. She has helped my achieve so many things to date, and I can't thank her enough. Integrity is full of inspirational and skilled students and instructors who are all friendly and happy to help so I look forward to having a successful and fun future with you all.